‘Clássico & Fantasia’ Collection

Knowing the luxurious Classico and Fantasia collection means to live authentic and unforgettable experiences. Authentic, because unwrapping each of these soaps is to live history, it is to undo the manual wrapping that still remains, it is to touch in the historical seal that closes the centenary labels, carefully selected from the old archives of the brand. It is, in fact, to share a unique and exclusive feeling of genuineness. Unforgettable, because the quality of its textures and the diversity of it sophisticated aromas transform the experience of using them into a ritual of beauty and glamour that raises the senses to an extraordinary level.


‘Clássico & Fantasia’系列

Classico and Fantasia系列是香皂中的奢飾品,使用過它的人都會愛上那種真實難忘的感覺。真實,源自於香皂源遠流長的歷史,香皂仍然保留著手工包裝的傳統,那帶著歷史印記的百年品牌,經過時間的洗滌才最終留下來,就為了和尊貴的客人一起分享這份獨一無二的用心。難忘,源自於產品的質感和使用時帶給使用者那種迷人的芬芳,讓整個使用過程藉由這份香味升華至另一種非凡的境界。


'Clássico & Fantasia'